Fun wine 101 - Rosé Wine

Fun wine 101 - Rosé Wine 

Rosé is just a mix of red wine with white wine? Nahhhh.

It’s all about skin contact. Sounds good?
Let us explain quickly before we get to the real fun part.
All juice that runs out of grapes when you mash them is clear.
The colour of wine comes from the juice’s contact with the skin of the grapes.
Letting the juice and the skin soak together gives the wine its yellow, red or rosé colour. So a rosé wine is created by juicing red grapes and then let the juice soak just for a very short time with the grape skins. When the colour is how you want it, the skins are removed, and the juice starts to ferment until an amazing Rosé Wine is developed.
Well, learned something for today.
But now to the fun part…
You know us. For us wine – whether you are buying or selling or of course drinking it – should be primarily a lot of joy and Rosé is for sure.
Rosé is incredibly versatile and comes in different colour shades,
aromas, grape compositions and characteristics.
The lighter-coloured rosés are more likely to be dry, crisp and refreshing,
while darker rosés tend to be richer and more intense.
Of course, it is predestined for fun summer nights that you spend
chatting and dancing. But in its variety, there is a Rosé Wine for almost everybody and every occasion.
Whether red berry, flower, citrus aromas or anything in between – Rosé Wine celebrates the sun and brings that even to more chilly spring nights. It works as a special aperitif or for a romantic light summer dinner on the balcony, as a sun downer after a long and relaxing beach day.
Or you celebrate life, love and friendship with it - and enjoy it on a summer party with some of your friends soon…
And her come our top three Rosé Wines for you. 
One of our favourite Rosé Wines is Biblinos Rosé from Ktima Biblia Chora
Fun wine 101 - Rosé Wine
It comes only in magnum bottles and there is a reason for that. It is rare and sometimes hard to get cause it’s not made for mass production. And the bigger size bottle makes sure it’s freshness stays.
Its 1,5l of pure pleasure - almost ecstatic fresh red fruits aromas with a bright pomegranate colour.
It's perfect for your party when this is all over. Invite some friends, serve some seafood, pasta or salads, turn some good music on and your good to go. 
 Fun wine 101 - Rosé Wine


You know, we love Greek wine. But France is without a doubt a very good wine-producing country too. Let’s give them that.

France is known for the finesse, style and sheer diversity of wines. And already some names sound like pure magic.

So, let’s come to our next favourite Rosé Wine.

Pétale de Rose, produced, or let’s call it composed in this case, by the winery Château la Tour de l’Evêque.

I mean, you could just love it because of the name, no?

Fun wine 101 - Rosé Wine

And it tastes exactly like it's name - a bouquet of roses mixed with pink pepper and strawberry. It’s a super elegant, mellow and dry rosé wine. Besides that, it is grown organically and is made of handpicked grapes.

Pétale de Rose is an amazing wine for a romantic candlelight dinner on the balcony or a sundowner date at the beach with the loved one.

It’s bursting of romance and creates butterflies. And those are always good for something…


But don't get lost in that idea. Let's get to the next one.


Skouras – Peplo Rosé, our summer fling.

Fun wine 101 - Rosé Wine

This amazing dry Rosé moves you right into this fantastic summer holiday feeling. Close your eyes, take a zip, and you will be straight at the beach.  Imagine a glass of this extraordinary coloured wine, coral with gold hues, in the hand, looking over one of Greece’s beautiful rocky bays with crystal clear water… simply perfection.

Some interesting fun fact for showing off while enjoying this great wine? Sure…

It’s made of three different grapes and one of it, the Mavrofilero, matured in amphoras.

If you ask us, this dry rosé wine could develop from a summer fling into a longer lasting affair. Well, let’s see…so many good wines out there.




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