Our interview with Startup.gr

Startup.gr interview: Panagiotis and Nadine talk to us about wyhnez

Tell us a little about yourself and your business

Panagiotis: wyhnez wants to be your wine dealer! We are an online shop for primarily wine, but also sparkling wine, champagne and of course spirits that stands for the fun in all of that. wyhnez.com has just been launched a few weeks ago. What you find right now is a selection of our favourite wines. We are growing every day, expanding our assortment, optimizing the customer experience and most importantly having fun doing it and spreading joy with it. wyhnez is a heart project. We just love wine.

Nadine: The aim is to have a lighter and more entertaining take on the wine business as these times are heavy and dark enough by itself. We try to share our fun and love with our customers along the way, social media, online shop, customer service etc. Nothing to be dead serious about. It’s just wine…good wine.

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