The Skouras Estate – a unique journey to excellent Greek wines

Κτήμα Σκούρα Ελληνικά κρασιά wyhnez

Wine, is one of the oldest human pleasures! Over the years, wine production around the world has experienced new practices, constantly incorporating techniques to perfect the vinification techniques. Greece is a country with an established wine production. One can find excellent products in a wide variety as the vine in each region of the country affects the flavors and aromas of the wine. Also, the amazing  climatic conditions allows Greece cultivation of so many varieties.

Today many Greek wineries produce excellent quality wines with international recognition and awards. We all already knew that Greece has awesome wines, but now we are rightly seen on the world map of winemaking.

Below you will find some of the most delicious wines that will satisfy evenus spoiled wine lovers. They are produced from the distinguished Skouras Estate.

In our assortment you find some of our favourite unique wines of this impressive winery and of course you can buy the wine you see immediately and comfortably from your home in our online shop.

The winery Skouras is located in a village near Argos, Malandreni. It has received many awards over the years for its many outstanding wines. Well deserved awards, we can say and well deserved high appreciation amongst sommeliers, wine gourmets and simply wine lovers like us. The Skouras Estate has vineyards spread over Argolida, Corinth and Nemea. As for the varieties that are cultivated, they include indigenous wine-making varieties such as Roditis Alepou, Moschofilero and Agiorgitiko. And world-renowned varieties such as Syrah, Cabernet, etc. are of course also cultivated with passion.


Find here some of our most loved dry white wine and rosé wine from the Skouras Winery

Skouras Estate – Akres White

Σκούρας Ακρες Λευκός wyhnez  ξηρό λευκό κρασί

Are you a fan of soft white wines? Do you want a special but easy to drink dry white wine to accompany flavors and moments? This white wine of Skouras winery, Akres, is the ideal choice! A fresh wine fermented in a stainless steel tank. In its taste you will find fresh flowers and traces of lemon peels. Its acidity is moderate and its aromatic intensity is perfect! The varieties, Roditis and Moscofilero, guarantee a unique tasty journey in the aromas of Greek wine culture.


Skoura Estate - Portes Moscofilero

Σκούρας PORTES Μοσχοφιλερο  ξηρό λευκό κρασί wyhnez

Another unique, rich, dry wine that the Skouras winery has to offer! Portes Moscofilero - a dry white wine from 100% Moschofilero is soft and fresh at the same time. The delicious aroma, floral fragrance and taste is given by the processing of this variety, the roundness of all its delicious richness and an aftertaste that will excite your palate with fresh flowers, honeysuckle, rose and violet. Its aromatic intensity is high both in the nose and in the mouth. And you know what? It was awarded a gold medal in a dry single-variety wine competition.


Skouras Estate - Peplo Rosé

Σκούρας – PEPLO Ροζέ wyhnez

We come to a special one, a wine that we have a strong personal history with. Romantic dates at the beach etc., you know the things we are talking about. But back to business.

The Skouras winery has another very strong wine to show. This time a full dry rosé wine. It has a palette of  fresh roses, watermelon aroma, strawberry, as well as white flowers. The varieties that have been used and coexist perfectly harmoniously in the body of this wine are Agiorgitiko, Syrah and Mavrofilelero. Give yourself and your loved ones an unprecedented taste experience by tasting this truly special rosé wine - Peplo rosé.

The wines of our friends Skouras Estate offer such a great variety of wines. This amazing and unique taste journey in complex taste horizons is outstanding. The quality and the love of the producers make each of their wines excellent. They are wines that every lover of good wine should try! We highly recommend them!

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