Château Nico Lazaridi - White

Château Nico Lazaridi - White

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Dry, soft, white, Sauvignon Blanc, Ugni Blanc, Muscat

The flagship wine - the Château Nico Lazaridi White wine comes in a bright yellow and green colour. It is a light but rich wine, that has nice and crunchy acidity and some beautiful floral aromas. 

750 ml


Type of wine: Dry White Wine

Appellation: Protected Geographical Indication Drama

Varieties: Sauvignon Blanc 60%, Ugni Blanc 30%, Muscat 10%

Vinification Techniques: Classic white wine vinification with skin contact method at 8-12ο C. It ferments in stainless steel tanks and it follows short maturation on the fine lees.

Alcohol: 13,0%
Tasting Notes: A delightful blend characterized by its brilliant green-yellow color which combines the aromatic richness and structure of the Sauvignon Blanc with the crisp acidity of the Ugni Blanc and the fruitiness coming from the Muscat of Alexandria.

Aging: Will respond to aging for up to 3-4 years after harvest.

Perfect Pairing: Served at 8-12οC, an excellent match for cooked dishes with vegetables, pasta with basil sauce and salads with goat cheese.

Allergen declaration: Contains sulphites.

Price per litre: 15,06€