wyhnez ...your wine dealer


wyhnez...your wine dealer


wyhnez is different – we just love wine.

There are many places, where you can buy decent wine, bigger ones. But this place is not about being perfect. It’s about discovering good wines and having fun while enjoying it.

What gets us really going is special wine – the wines that are just a little extra and of course we love especially Greek wines. We believe that wine – whether you are buying or selling or of course drinking it – should be primarily a lot of joy. Wine is in our DNA, we live it, and we taste our fair amount too. We love to share our experience with our customers and help them enjoy new wines and new tastes.

Our team consists of experienced sommeliers that are surprisingly down-to-earth and don’t emphasize the stuffy attitude that can be found in some places. We love wine as much as you do. And as a nature of that we believe experimenting with wines is a great idea.  


The founder of wyhnez, Panagiotis Chatzinikitas, grew up on the idyllic island of Symi in the Dodecanese. In early years he started his career with a bar and a night club. A fun project with friends, which quickly became the places to be on the island, not only for the international tourists that come to Symi every summer. For him life is an adventure – it’s about enjoyment, happiness, treasuring the moment and celebrating life with good food, inspiring people and amazing wine. He always had a passion for wine, and eventually followed his big dream. He became sommelier, opened a wine shop in Symi, moved to Australia for a few years, and came finally back to his roots where he studied Greek wines in depth and fully grew into his role as wine connoisseur, sommelier and distributor of not only wine.

For him wyhnez is a heart project. The initial spontaneous idea, realized with the same passion as for wine, gives him the unique opportunity to share his approach of wine with even more people - to spread fun he has with it. And make wine maybe accessible to people that have been a bit hesitant due to the slight uppishness that can come with it sometimes.


wyhnez just has been launched. What you find right now is a selection of our favourite wines. We are growing every day, expanding our assortment, optimizing and most importantly having fun doing it and spreading joy with it.


Contact us if you need any advise or recommendation, or come by our Enoteca in Symi, say hi and try out some delicious wines with us.

Find our physical shop Enoteca Di Symi here.



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